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Guests over 200 lbs will be charged an additional $50 fee.

An 18% gratuity/service fee will be charged when you make your reservation.

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You will need your voucher code with you when booking online. The online reservation system will ask for a credit card at the time of booking for the 18% gratuity and fee.

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Remember all flights are subject to favorable weather conditions and a combination of 6 total guests per flight minimum.

Some restrictions do apply to these coupons.

  • Flights canceled due to weather will be extended one month beyond the scheduled flight date and no more than one month past the expiration date of your voucher.
  • All flights require a minimum combined total of 6 guests in order to fly. You do not need to buy 6 certificates. We will combine passenger loads.
  • We require weights of passengers at time of booking. Passengers over 200lbs will be charged $50.00 additional at time of booking


Flight packages are listed below. You have purchased the Basic flight package. Please consider upgrading to one of our other flight options.

ARIZONA, Scottsdale and Phoenix 480-502-6999
Your ballooning adventure will include the most experienced flight teams in the west and custom designed balloons and baskets unlike any others in the business.

At highest flight levels you will experience the panorama of the desert and mountain terrain stretching out for 100 miles in all directions. Changing altitude brings different wind currents used to "steer" the balloon. We float close to the ground to skim over the unique plant life such as the giant Saguaro cactus and Palo Verde Trees. We often see coyotes, jack rabbits, desert mule deer, and even javelinas... animals that are normally too shy to let you approach when you are walking on the ground.

Arizona Balloon Flight Packages

Deal Chicken Flight Description

Arizona Hot Air Balloon through fence'

Basic Flight Sunrise Package:

Enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran desert at sunrise. For those on a tighter budget or not requiring all the fancy extras this is a great deal.
This flight includes a 45 minute flight, Flight certificate and traditional champagne toast.

*Deal Chicken price: $92.00 per person

Retail pricing: $185/ adult, $155/ child

Flight time approximately 1 hour. Total activity time approximately 3-4 hrs. (6 to 12 persons per basket) Sunrise flights meet 30 minutes prior to sunrise.

Weight restrictions may apply.

Balloon Jeep SafariThe Balloon and Jeep Desert Safari!

A guaranteed adventure exclusive to our company. Our balloon flights combine the beauty of flight with the ruggedness of a Jeep adventure to provide our guests the best possible ballooning adventure in Arizona. 4 guest minimum

The fun starts right at the front door when you are picked up in a Jeep specially equipped for the desert, Your cowboy guide will entertain you along the way with tall tales and true stories of Arizona and your upcoming desert adventure.

While you are "headin" out to the desert, the balloon pilot and crew are preparing the balloon for your arrival. Your pilot will select unique take-off and landing places that provide the most beautiful flight possible each day. You will experience the best of the Sonoran desert from the sky above and on the desert floor.

Jeep White ThunderFollowing the flight your guide will take you on an extended desert tour discussing plant life and desert survival. You may even get a chance to eat a cactus like the Native Americans did. Your tour concludes with a return trip to your hotel.

Did you know? All balloon flights are subject to the whims and fancy of mother nature. Rain, sleet, hail, fog, winds in excess of 10 knots and other nasty conditions prevent safe comes 1st. For 37 years we have been watching the weather and flying safely with it. As a resut we have found about 20% of all flights may be cancelled due to weather. The Balloon and Jeep Safari package will ensure you and your guest have a great desert adventure regardless of the weather.

Package includes, Approximately 1 hour flight, champagne celebration, first flight certificate, and Jeep tour. Pick up from select hotels. Available on AM flights only. Total activity time 4-5 hours depending on hotel and flight locations.

If the balloon flight portion of the activity is cancelled due to weather, guest will recieve a 3-4 hour Jeep adventure for $85.00 per person.

Friends or family members who do not wish to fly in the balloon are welcome to join in the fun of the Jeep and food portion of the activity for $85.00.

$275 / adult, $235 / child 5 -12yrs

Jeep tour only: $85 / person


Exclusive Balloon flight

A private flight for two or your whole family can be a very memorable way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or a special day with a friend. The champagne celebration is included... but you can add flowers, special food service or even live music at the landing site. Use your imagination and we will make it happen. Dawn flights available year-round and evening flights during the winter months.

$1000 / per couple Approximately 1 hour flight, champagne celebration, first flight, flight video, certificate and van transportation from major hotels. Total activity time 3 - 4 hours. Each additional guest is at the retail rate listed above.

Weight restrictions may apply.

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Wedding Flights

Wedding Flights

Have you always dreamed of a magnificent outdoor wedding? We have the ceremony for you. Exchanging vows is a memorable and meaningful event that should occur in a special place. Imagine the romance and excitement of being married in a Hot Air Balloon. Picture gently floating over spectacular Colorado or Arizona scenery while confirming your love and devotion. As compared to a traditional wedding this is cheaper, more fun and more memorable.

ARIZONA WEDDING FLIGHTS $1000 / per couple, includes minister & wedding video

For more details on our wedding flights please call us today.

Marriage Licenses -- Maricopa County 602.506.6307

Weight restrictions may apply.

What to expect on your Balloon Experience? First and foremost, a safe memorable experience.


The most personable, professional, uniformed and experienced in the valley.
Clean Modern Vehicles and Balloons.


The temperature in the balloon basket is no colder than the temperature on the ground if not warmer. The balloon moves with the wind so there is not any wind chill factor.
We recomend an athletic shoe, NO SANDALS, HEELS or FLIP FLOPS. Our flights are out in the desert full of rocks, dirt, cactus, sticks and other things that can hurt your feet. Sometimes guests get all drerssed up for this elegant excursion. The balloons are dusty and you will get a little dirty. We recomend you dress in layers as if you were going on a day hike. Sunglasses, a sweatshirt and a baseball hat is sufficient. Some guests say the radiant heat from the burners is warm on their heads.


Plan to meet us at the appointed time. Please do not be late and there is no need to be early. Your balloon ride will be 45 minutes to 1 hour and fifteen minutes in the air. We always try to fly for 1 hour. Depending on the day we land when it is most prudent for safety reasons. Total activity time is 3 to four hours. This includes transportation time to and from the field, time to assemble and inflate the balloon, flight time, pack up of the balloon, party in the field and transport back to your cars. Most flights are done in 3 hours but can take as long as 4 hours.

Customer Dress and # of Guests on each flight

No pregnant women. Landings can be rough, we do not recomend this activity for pregnant women or those who are not able to fend for themselves. Guest must be able to climb into and out of the basket with little assistance. recent hip, knee or other weekening circumstances should be reconcidered.

The balloons hold between 4 and 12 guests depending on bookings and guest weights. You will be asked to provide approximate weights of all passengers. We do have a 6 guest minimum in order to fly. Most parties book in groups of two. Most days this is not an issue altohough we do recomend you book early as some days do sell out.

Cancelation and Booking

All flights are confirmed and paid for 48 hours in advance.

Balloon and Jeep safari packages are billed $85.00 at time of booking. This is fully refundable up until 48 hours prior to flight time.

A credit card number, Cell phone number or telephone number where we can reach you at 3:00am are required.

Depending on the time of the year, the time of day or other unforeseen circumstances, we are not always able to offer all tours every day. All tours require a minimum number of passengers. We will make every effort to accomodate all guests, but may ask for some flexibility on your part by having alternate days/times available.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to providing your best...