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Our Segway adventures in the Santa Ynez Valley are a one-of-a-kind blast
just 40 minutes from Santa Barbara.

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Tours are listed below.

Please read all information to ensure a safe and fun Segway experience. Segways are not for everyone. Please review the disclaimer before you book your tour. Segway tours vary in length from 1 to 2 hours based on guest ability. All tours require reservations. We are a scenic 45 minutes from Santa Barbara in the Santa Barbara Wine Country.

Call our headquarters at 805-688-8899 for tour times and availability or stop by our office.

Atterdag Segway Office

AOW Office in Solvang, CA, 453 Atterdag
in the Atterdag Square just off Coppenhagen Dr.

Tours offered year round

  • No guests under the age of 14 are permitted.
  • Guests physical abilities should include the ability to climb stairs without the use of a railing and be able to nimbly step on and off a curb.
  • No guests over 225lbs.
  • The Segway is not a Toy.
  • You can be ticketed for DUI. No Drinking Alcohol on or before tour.
Tours include:
  • Mandatory Cone Zone orientation on Segway use.
  • Ride time on the Segway.
  • All necessary equipment, guide and helmet.


This is an adventure activity on city streets in an uncontrolled environment. In addition to other unforeseeable circumstances we cannot guarantee your tour will be without incident. It is impossible for AOW to fully train, explain or demonstrate all possible accident scenarios in one training session. If guests follow our rules and pay attention it is likely you will have an incident-free activity. BUT, 1 or 2 % of guests fall off the Segway at some point, either during training, on the tour or near the end. We do not recommend the tours for people who are unsteady on their feet. Guests should be able to walk up and down a set of stairs and nimbly jump off a curb without assistance. Guest will stand for 45 minutes to an hour and a half on the Segway. Adventures Out West cannot fully determine a guest's ability to ride a Segway. By signing the waiver, guests acknowledge they have taken necessary steps to determine their ability level. Reckless or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Troublesome guests will be asked to leave the tour without refund. Our tours are fun, scenic, site-seeing adventures, not high-performance tours. We recommend you do a Youtube search for Segway crashes to view a random sampling of what people do on Segways and how easily one can fall.
Cone Zone

Try and train on our Segway in the safety and security of the cone zone. If you are hesitant about Solvange Cone Zoneventuring out on one of our Segways, don't worry, we will teach you the basics and make you aware of the potential risks. This 20 to 30 minute Segway orientation is the foundation of a successful tour. All AOW guests are required to complete the Cone Zone Training before being allowed to participate in any of the Segway tours we offer. Guests with prior Segway experience are still required to participate in the Cone Zone.

Tours offered year round

The Santa Ynez Valley was settled by the Chumash Indians when the mother eagle mixed Sky, Sun, Water and dirt to create Paradise. Since its settlement by catholic missionaries in 1769, the Valley has been an agricultural paradise. Solvang, the Danish Capitol of America was founded in 1911. The goal was to build a Danish-style folk school to preserve the founders' heritage. 100 years later Solvang's Danish background is stronger than ever and is proudly shown in this unique town's architecture and personality. The fertile soils of the Santa Ynez Valley produce some of the best wines in the world. Cattle Ranching and the cowboy way of life are alive and well. Come see for yourself why people have been flocking to this area. And why it might just be the friendliest place in the West.

Solvang City Tour

See the unique architecture of the only Danish city in The West. Solvang and the surrounding area is full of beautiful sites and the Segway is the best way to see it all. This short 1 hour loop includes the neighborhood streets of Solvang, its main tourist district, and surrounding sites. Solvang Segway HamletHighlights will be a trip across the Santa Ynez River Sanctuary, a stroll through The Mission, and an adventure through ancient live oaks in Hans Christian Anderson Park. The Segway is an eye-catcher so be prepared to be stared at on this popular tour route.

$85.00 per person includes a 1.5 hour tour with training.

**On sale $65.00**

Winter Tour Schedule: November-March

Tuesday - Sunday, 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00

Summer Tour Schedule, April- October
Daily 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00

Figueroa Mountain Tour with picnic lunch.

This is a premier tour experience. From the top of the ridge on Figueroa Mountain you can see the entire Santa Ynez Valley, its a WOW view! When the Poppies are in bloom the experience is even better.

This tour is for a more adventurous rider. Winding mountain roads, hills and valleys are the norm.

Your tour starts in the quaint country town of Los Olivos where you meet your guide and get your vehicle parks pass (Included in price). The drive from Los Olivos to Figueroa Mountain passes the Famous Los Petreros Ranch owned by the Chamberlain Family. This working cattle ranch has been family owned for 100 years. Past the Ranch are the gates to Neverland.

We park our cars at an elevation of 2500 feet and hop on the Segways. Up we go through deep fields of grass entering the Los Padres National Forest. Tall pines and cool mountain breezes are the norm. Views that stretch to the Pacific Ocean are breath taking from 4500 feet in elevation.

Take it slow and enjoy the view as your naturalist guide points out the unique flora and fauna of the area. Lunch is served road side in a picturesque forest camp ground.

Tour starts at 11:00 in Los Olivos
Weekday availability only.

2 to 2.5 hour tour with training.

$150.00 per guest

Segway Tour with Wine Tasting.

Expand your tour enjoyment by adding a wine tasting from Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Tasting Room. Voted “The Best Tasting Room in The Santa Ynez Valley”by readers of The Santa Ynez Valley News, This tour package combines adventure and romance to give riders an unforgettable Segway Tour/Wine Tasting experience. Wine tasting will be at the conclusion of your tour at The Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Tasting Room located on Copenhagen Dr. (No drinking and riding ;)

1.5 hour tour with training.


Santa Ynez Valley Off-Road Wine Tour
Wine is where it's at in the Valley. Tour through the vineyard of your choice on a Segway. AOW will bring the Segways and meet you at the vineyard. Your adventure will take you on an educational tour, off-road through the vineyard to give you an up-close and personal look at the vines. Wildlife is not uncommon in these rural areas. Depending on the time of year, your tour guide will tell you about the vines, growth, harvesting, and fermenting processes. Want a sip of the local Vino? Sounds great but NO drinking and riding is allowed. However, we will give you a wine certificate to redeem at the winery after your ride is over.

4 person minimum
2 hour tour with training. $125.00 per guest, includes off-road portion. (Tour times vary by vineyard selected)

Twilight Glide Ride tour

Choose any of our tour routes and experience them in the beautiful evening hours. The sunset in the Santa Ynez Valley is spectacular. Guests are more likely to encounter the wildlife at this time of day. Not to mention the cooler temperatures can't be beat.

*Tour pricing is the same for day or evening tours.

Segway Solvang and Adventures Out West in california is an independently owned and operated tour company.

You may also visit www.Segway.com for further information on these new and exciting machines.

Tours offered year round


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