Colorado Hiking Tours

Hiking in Colorado Springs!

Adventures Out West holds the only hiking permits for the Pike National Forest west of Colorado Springs, CO.

Pikes Peak is one of the most famous mountains in the world. Its slopes are covered with trails that allow you to enjoy this natural beauty at all levels. Our Guides have been running around these hills for years and will show you the best routes.

These hikes are suitable for anyone without physical limitations, capable of walking 1 to 4 miles at an altitude of 6000 - 9000 feet above sea level. We hike at your level and ability. Some like to sweat while others like to stroll, your wish is our comand. Hikes are guided along gorgeous trails in North Cheyenne Canyon ranging from GREEN (real easy) to BLUE (moderate) to BLACK (challenging). No special equipment is needed, however guests do need sturdy footwear designed for walking, jogging or hiking... not sandals, or dress shoes. Clothing should be casual and comfortable... You may even get dirty. Our knowledgeable, CPR-trained guides are equipped with extra water, snacks, first aid kits and cellular phones for your comfort and safety.

Hikes can be scheduled from two to six hours (door to door) to accommodate your schedule....Hiker along waterfall
cheyenne canyon park

Weather Conditions

Our beautiful climate in Colorado is subject to change from hour to hour. Be sure to bring your sunscreen for our numerous sunny days - over 300 every year! The temperature in Colorado Springs may be warm in the summer months, however gains in altitude will guarantee cooler temps or the chance of a surprise thunderstorm. Cloud cover causes the temperature to drop dramatically and suddenly. Dressing in layers and wearing sunscreen is highly recommended.

Flora & Faunachanging trees

You may be fortunate enough to spot wildlife while hiking. The rich diversity of life in our sub-alpine habitat includes bear, mountain lion, bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, bobcat, fox, squirrels, rattlesnakes, and over 100 species of birds. Bring your cameras or binoculars & appropriate shoes and clothing (layers are best). Hikes led by trained, knowledgeable, CPR-Certified guides. All times are from hotel. Water/snacks are provided. Please use caution and good sense if you encounter wildlife on your hike.

Aspens, various pines, oaks and cottonwoods... Sunflowers, wooly muliens, columbines and mosses ... The plants of the Front Range of the Rockies are lush and diverse from the plains to the top of Pikes Peak. In the spring, summer and early fall, mountain wildflowers are in bloom and can be observed.

Trail Routes

GOLD CAMP ROAD: 2 hrs / 2mi round trip

This trail takes you along an easy grade on historic Short Line Rail / Gold Camp Road through beautiful Pike National Forest, where you can expect to see a variety of birds and small animal life. Tennis shoes ok. Trail rated *EASY* and suggested for all ages and abilities.

Skill Level: Green

$60 per person ........................ 2-person min

Call for reservations


7 BRIDGES: 2.5-3 hrs / 3mi round trip

Forget where you are with this tranquil hike along North Cheyenne Creek. Starting at Gold Camp Rd we will walk approx. 1 mile on the roadbed (easy), turning off at the trailhead and hike over 7 bridges on our way to a breathtaking view of the plains beyond. Trail/hiking/tennis shoes required. Trail rated *MODERATE* and suggested for those wanting a bit more exercise.

Skill Level: Blue

$70 per person ......................2-person min

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St Mary's Falls: 3.5-4 hrs / 4.5mi round trip

Starting at Gold Camp Rd we walk approx. 1.5 mi on the roadbed (easy), then we turn off above Helen Hunt Falls and follow the creek to our destination at 9800 ft: St Mary's Falls. Be prepared for a great afternoon in the forest. Trail/hiking/tennis shoes required. Trail rated *STRENUOUS* and suggested for those in good physical condition.

Skill Level: Black

$80 per person ......................... 2-person min

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Adventures Out west operates under permit of the Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity employer.