Welcome to COLO-RADICAL!

Best hour of adrenaline on the Front Range of Colorado!

Yes we are open year round. Our ziplines are a blast any day of the year, any weather conditions. Adrenaline knows no environmental boundaries!


Give a call discuss winter ziping fun.

Run, jump or crawl over the edge of the cliffs, then let your spirit soar, (upside down?) This is a natural terrain Zipline course utilizing cliffs and steep wooded forest for launch and landing zones (No artificial platforms). This is an extreme activity at over 6500 feet in elevation. Don't be fooled by other "Ziplines" consisting of glorified chairlifts and artificial platforms. Our tour is the real deal and you won't be disappointed!

Registered, Insured and Legit!

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Course Description:

Our 5 Ziplines, PU PLUNGE, CLF HANGER, LNG JOHNS, STIKY ZIPPY, C'MON BACK, vary in length from 225' to over 650'. Perched on the edge of canyon walls our course is full of adventure. You can run and jump off the 'leap of faith' or maybe you prefer a trust fall backwards off P U Plunge. However you choose to fly, you will get a rush on this adventure that can't be matched in Colorado. Come prepared for an outdoor activity in the wild, complete with dust, dirt, sweat and limited facilities. Last year we had a resident bear make an appearance for your enjoyment. You will be launching and landing on dirt trails, so wear closed toe shoes (Required). We have water jugs on the course, but some people bring a camelback type hydration system.

Our guides are extremely fun and work hard to provide a safe and fun ziplining experience. If you like your ride please tip your guide, 20% is common for this industry. They will thank you.

Hours of Operation


Memorial Day to Labor Day

Early Session 8:00, and 9:00
Morning Session 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00
Lunch Session 12:30, 1:00 and 1:30
Afternoon session 2:30, and 3:30

Evening Session 5:30pm
reserved for Groups, Parties
and Special requests

and Winter

Fall/Spring: 11:00, 1:30, 4:00
Winter: 11:00am

Thursdays all summer is Family Night Ages 6-??

Open course 5:30-7:30. Includes Campfire and S'mores. No reservations necessary but we do recommend them. $35.00 per guest. 50lb minimum-250lb maximum

Colo-rad Zip Tour

Zip FamilyColo-Rad Zip tour:

$85.00 plus tax

Includes 4x4 transport to the start of the course and 5 extremely fun ziplines if not more. Tours that are on time and efficient will likely get up to 7 zips during their scheduled activity time. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. And please be prompt.

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Kid's Night with Campfire and S'mores

Thursdays all summer is Family Night Ages 6-??

Open course 5:30-7:30. Includes Campfire and S'mores. No reservations necessary but we do recommend them. $35.00 per guest. 50lb minimum-250lb maximum

Zipline partykid zipline

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Group Tours

groupGroup tours

Pikes Peak Ziplines is an event facility like no other. Youth Groups, Adult Group, Team Building and Parties? Bring your friends, family and co workers to the Ziplines for an adventure they will never forget.

Kids (of all ages) Night, open course 5:30-7:30. Includes Campfire and S'mores.

Group Pricing
Team Building
Birthday Parties
Fear Factor Psychosis Treatment Packages
Custom tour times


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Packages start at $35.00 per person.

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Physical Abilities

Guests need to be sturdy on their feet and have the ability to walk and talk at over 6700' elevation. Please consult with your physician before booking your tour. Landing zone speeds can be up to 10 MPH. Impacts with the earth at launch and landing can be sporty. The hikes involved are approximately 1/2 mile in length. Guests are required to sign a release waiver confirming their abilities.

Rider requirements

Ziplining is an active participant activity. Participants acknowledge that people can and do get hurt on this zipline course. Adventure is not without risk.

This zipline course incorporates natural terrain features as part of the adventure. Impact with ground and other natural terrain features is expected. Ziplines are not recommended for those who are unsteady on their feet or not in a durable physical state.

Short hikes of 500 feet in length and 100 vertical feet will be encountered. This tour takes place in an uncontrolled hot and dry environment at over 6500 feet of elevation.

• No riders under 6 years old . No riders under 50 lbs, No riders over 250lbs.

• No more than one person at a time on a Zipline.

• No Wrapping of Legs around tether.

• No Spinning or twisting of the tether prior to launch.

• Cliffs, loose rock and native wildlife may be encountered. Be Aware. Do not cross the orange ropes. Please be aware of your position on the launch and landing areas. Don’t get hit!!!!!!

Running is allowed but not required. Some guests Walk, Scamper or Drag until they are in the air. On every tour someone will lift their legs to early and will drag on launch and landing, it may be you.

Keep your feet up on the landings, proper landing position is highly recommended (Lean back and lift legs). If a guest can’t hold the proper landing position, then we do not recommend the tour for them.

zip trolley


All gear is provided including helmet, harness, and trolley. Guests must wear sturdy closed toe shoes. No Flip Flops are allowed. We have a limited selection of rental shoes available if you forget yours. A light jacket or sweatshirt in cooler weather is recommended while sunscreen and water are a good idea in hotter temps. The weather changes quickly in Colorado, so be prepared. It gets hot in the direct sun so take the necessary precautions.


Our facilities are limited. We do have a porta-potty on site near the start of the course, but water and electricity are not present. Only bring your car keys and wallet. Guests will meet in the parking lot at the base of the Zipline hill on Manitou Avenue. Look for our AOW Jeep to check in.

*Guests will meet the Jeep and guide in the parking lot. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get your things together and be ready for a prompt departure at your designated tour time.


Zipline Construction and Technology

Ziplines are growing in popularity around the country, not all are the same. AOW's Zipline Tour experience has been engineered to exceed the highest standards in the industry. Our towers and cables are proudly Made In America. The Ziplines have been built to exceed Colorado Department of Labor Regulations. Our full body harnesses and trolleys are built specifically for Zipline use. We have passive braking systems in place to ensure your adventure is safe and successful. But remember, all adventure activities do have elements of risk and signing of a waiver is required.

Click the license plates below to learn more about our Zipline course!

  • pu plunge plate
  • cliff hanger plate
  • long johns plate
  • zip stickie plate
  • cmon back plate

PU Plunge ZiplineZip 1 - PU Plunge: 237 feet long, 80 feet above the canyon.

If this is your first jump, make it count, don't let it bounce.

Cliff Hanger ZiplineZip 2 - Cliff Hanger: 200 feet long.

The worlds slowest Zipline???? Thats right, we don't want you to miss out on the sites of the canyon. So take your time, put on the brakes and see if you can spot Zipline Bob, the CO. Plates and maybe even a camper 60 feet below.

ZiplineZip 3 - Long Johns: 650 feet long, 130 foot leap of faith.

The faster you run the faster you will fly. No need to brake at the end just keep your feet up!

Zip 4 - Sticky Zippy: 425 feet long, 90 feet above the red rocks. Zipline

Bring your favorite sticker to put on the towers... This is the fastest Zipline with a short landing. Your gonna have to stick it!

Zip 5 - Mon Back: 440 feet long. Getin jiggy wit it...Jiggy

Now that you're a pro, be prepared to showcase your best moves to the passing folks on Hwy 24 below.

Zip - Meet Here


Easily accessible just minutes from Colorado Springs and Hwy 24. Tours meet at the base of Pikes Peak at 1335 Manitou Avenue (HWY 24 Business loop), at the far west end of Manitou Springs. Look for our sign below the Welcoming Arch of Manitou Springs. (Note there are two arches in Manitou Springs, East and West ends.)

Please call to book or inquire about our newest AOW adventure.

1335 Manitou ave 80829, Manitou Springs, Colorado



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